Rowing Clinics

RowFX Interactive Rowing Clinic utilizes individual and team exercises to improve rowing skills. This 3 hour workshop can be hosted at your facility and accommodates up to 2 people per rower. Curriculum includes:

  1. TECHNIQUE – Learn tips for safety and efficiency and avoid common mistakes
  2. DRILLS – Learn stroke-specific drills to auto-correct and naturally reprogram good technical habits
  3. STROKE RATE – Learn how to use a LOWER stroke rate to go FASTER
  4. SPRINTING- Learn when and how to sprint for your competitive fitness level
  5. MONITOR – Use monitor functions while rowing to gauge & improve finish time

​Individuals can sign up for one of our upcoming clinics. Call for a schedule and reserve your spot today! 562.972.6894 or email

Video Coaching

You can submit a 1 minute video of yourself rowing for critique and correction. You'll receive a mark-up of your video and narration of where and how to improve your technique for better results. 

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Personal Coaching

For personal in-depth personal coaching... 

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