Repair & Maintenance

Listed are the most common repairs. Please call or email for advance diagnosis to determine what parts are needed for your repairs. 562-972-6894 -

Price List


Q: Who fixes the rowing machines?

A: I do. Victoria.

Q: Do you work for Concept2?

A: I work with Concept2 as independent business owner and have done so since 2006. You can call Concept2 to verify my experience & credentials @ 802.888.7971

Q: How often is maintenance recommended?

A: Frequency depends on the amount of use the rowers endure on a regular basis. Facilities range anywhere from quarterly to yearly maintenance.

Q: How do I get an estimate?

A: Call​ or email or send a picture or a video and I can usually tell what the problem is and be able to give you an estimate based on that.

Q: What if i have the part, but need it done for me?

A: Then I just charge for labor. Subtract the price of the part from the list price.

Q: Do you fix other equipment?

A: Yes, I now do bikes and barbells. Please call for a quote.

The Rower Lady


I'm often asked: How Did You Get Into Rower Repairs?

ANSWER: I used to own a couple of rowing studios where I ran approximately 30 classes a week. I'm pretty handy and did all the repairs myself so I became an expert real fast! I LOVE that I have a unique skill that's greatly needed! I respect all the gym owners I meet because I know exactly what you're going through. So, I'm here to serve. Thanks so much for checking me out! 

For more information on my background, please click on “About” above. Thank you!